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Andrea Oxley – my reasons for joining Blu crew

Andrea Oxley

Andrea Oxley

I am a Housing Officer working with tenants and supporting them.

When I knew my son would be leaving home for Uni there was a gap and I felt it would be great to give back and so I looked at Volunteering. My husband and I went on a trustee workshop with Voluntary Action Rotherham, then started looking into volunteer opportunities.

When, as part of my husband’s leadership course, the community project he was project managing was to improve to path to the Dragonfly Memorial Garden at Bluebell Wood, near to where we live, we saw what an amazing, loving and family oriented place Bluebell Wood is, but how little support they receive from Government, so the decision was made!

We made links and started to Volunteer; along our journey we met BluCrew who raise funds through traditional fundraising routes and by performing and we have joined the group. My husband, Nigel, sings and I help out at the events.

It is so rewarding to be involved in giving people so much enjoyment but at the same time raising funds for such an amazing cause.

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